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Control Assistant, all of us safer

SVS provides an additional option of providing services to our clients, with the aim of covering areas of safety cycle that currently are not developed with security services themselves.

A careful selection process and a strong investment in training, joined with the concept of operational excellence that has the company, allow us to design efficient and tailored solutions.

In SVS we take care of every detail, because we are fully aware that our image is associated with that of our clients when we carry out works of public visibility in their centers and facilities.

Therefore, in SVS we define the best profile for each operating position required by the customer, we select professionals, we invest in specific training and facilitate the necessary support throughout the process of developing their business.

Our Auxiliary Control serices are aimed at all types of customers, and are made with the aim of providing excluded or complementary services to those of the Spanish Private Security Services Act, contained in the First Additional Provision of Royal Decree 2364/1994, of December 9, by which the Regulation of Private Security is approved.

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