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We move for you to offer a home medical service

Home Medical Service is intended for all those that for voluntary or involuntary reasons require sanitary assistance in their own homes, without having to go to any hospital or clinician.

In SVS we move for you to offer a comprehensive medical and emergency service and we adapt to the times and needs of our customers. A quality service provided by doctors, nursers and nurses’ aides.

View the coverage area of our home medical service that is marked in orange on the map of Spain and ask for an appointment via the telephone number (+34) 965 277 112, or send a message to a and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.


The home medical service consist of:

- Comprehensive assessment of the patient from the field of Nursing.
- Tele Farmacy.
- Check and control of all vital signs: blood pressure, temperature, adherence to treatment and digital blood glucose.
- Hypertensive patient care program.
- Sintrom control (INR).
- Control of person with diabetes, glycemic control, control and prevention of diabetic foot.
- Attention and care of bedridden patients.
- Care for people with special educational needs.
- Control, care and prevention of pressure ulcers.
- Control and ostomy care.
- Injectables in general.
- Installation and control of urinary catheters.
- Venous catheterisation and administration of intramuscular/intravenous medication.
- Heals.

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